Only One Place To Go From Here...

Thanks for coming by. You may be wondering why you're here, well it's probably because you are related to me (hi babe!), take pity on my blogging skills, or have nothing better to do at work (ding!).

Let me explain a little bit about what is going to take place here. I see a fair amount of movies, read a fair amount of books, and watch a fair amount of TV. What does this all add up to? Me, not having much of a social life. Also it allows me to write down my thoughts on certain forms of entertainment that might be of use to you next Friday night when you are wondering whether or not to stay home and watch TV shows on DVD, or going out and seeing the latest Twilight movie. (Hint: stay home, just because the kid takes his shirt off doesn't mean he can act.)

You may also be wondering what differentiates me from you. Well, besides the fact that I have bigger feet, and currently am looking at an autographed J.J. Redick jersey... nothing. That's the beauty of it. I don't write professionally, and I pay to get into every movie I see (unless of course you want to PayPal me some money, then I will use it to purchase early bird tickets for next weekend's movie). Except for my bigger shoes, I am you. Just with more spare time on my hands to blog.

Of course after I write a review, I will need your comments. Also if you see a movie, read a book, or watch a TV show that I haven't written about, PLEASE e-mail me what you thought about it. I will then steal what you wrote and put my name on it. It will really cut down on my writing.

Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to A Gene Pick.

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