Jane Eyre

Right now all of the single guys reading this are like "dude, why would you willingly submit yourself to two hours of this?"

All of the married guys are like "yeah, I understand. Hopefully you had good popcorn and soda."

After spending last Sunday flying across the county and immediately passing out upon seeing my bed, the wife and I ventured out to see Jane Eyre. I wish I could give you an in depth review of this movie, but instead I will list all of things I did to pass the time:

#1- Tried to translate what the actors were saying from the 1800's to 2011.

#2- Tried to figure out exactly what days each of the NBA Playoff series would be played this week, and how I can plan to watch as much of the Boston/Miami series as possible.

#3- Tried to take a brief nap.

#4- Got up to go to the bathroom.

#5- Laughed at the fact that two other people were actually in the theater with us.

#6- Wondered how hard my friends will laugh when the find out that I went and saw this. Good thing they are also married.

#7- Tried to take another brief nap.

#8- Considered getting up to buy Sour Patch Watermelons before deciding not to. Bad decision by me.

#9- Giggled like a schoolboy at the painting of a naked woman in the movie.

#10- Secretly hoped the painting didn't get burned in the fire.

As you can tell I wasn't exactly focusing on the movie. Sorry about that. I will pass along that the wife enjoyed it, and I will leave the rankings below up to her. For the single guys that are still reading this one day you will see a movie like this, I just recommend saving up some things to think about for 2 hours.

Jane Eyre
Directed by: Cary Fukunaga
Written by: Charlotte Brontë, and Moira Buffini
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender and Jamie Bell
My The Wife's Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Would Gene Mrs. Gene Pick it?: Yes, but it's no Pride and Prejudice

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