We Bought a Zoo

A mid-week movie review? Why, that must be a Festivus Miracle!

Taking advantage of the holiday weekend I woke up this morning and ventured out to see We Bought a Zoo. The true story of a single father (Matt Damon) who in an effort to better connect with his two children moves out of the city and buys a new country home. Only one catch, the home is part of a zoo.

Upon moving into their new digs, Benjamin Mee (Damon) meets a staff of workers who help maintain the new family business. Led by Kelly Foster (Scarlett Johansson) this crew has the experience needed to keep the zoo running, but not the financial capital that Mr. Mee has to help get the zoo back up and running and to continue to make memories for members of the community.

Among the many challenges that arise from owning a zoo, Benjamin also has to confront raising a teenage son who was recently kicked out of school, along with a 7-year old daughter on his own after their mother passes away.

Maggie Elizabeth Jones plays the part of Rosie, a 7-year old little girl who loves everything about living at the zoo. The young Jones was the best part of this movie. Not an easy task when you consider she was sharing the screen with one of my favorite actors in Hollywood (Damon), and one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood (Johansson). Her cute laugh will make you do the same throughout the 2 hours. She will tug at your heart strings when talking about her late mother, and will make you smile each time she exclaims that "We Bought a Zoo"!!

Thomas Haden Church does a nice job in his role as Benjamin's brother, Duncan.

This movie is a great way to spend 2 hours with your family. Despite some minor language it is a great chance for your kids to be wowed by the animals and for you to be wowed by Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson.

Not a bad deal in my book.

We Bought a Zoo
Directed by: Cameron Crowe
Written by: Aline Brosh McKenna, Cameron Crowe, and Benjamin Mee
Starring: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, and Thomas Haden Church
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Would Gene Pick it?: Yes

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