Man on a Ledge

After taking a week away from the mainstream movies to check out some films at Sundance it was nice to get back into the local Cinemark with my refillable popcorn and diet soda mugs to enjoy a commercially viable movie.

My Super Bowl pre-game festivities took me to see Man on a Ledge, the suspense filled drama starring Sam Worthington, and Elizabeth Banks.

Nick Cassidy (Worthington) is an escaped convict who believes he was wrongfully accused of stealing a $40 million diamond from New York City businessman, David Englander (Ed Harris). After enlisting the help of his brother and girlfriend, Cassidy unleashes a plan to unveil the truth. His idea brings him to the ledge on the 21st floor of a New York City hotel, and more importantly across the street from Englander's offices and vault. While distracting what seems like the entire NYPD force his plan springs into action right in front of their eyes.

While on the ledge Cassidy insists on only speaking with one member of the police force, Lydia Mercer (Banks). Her failed history of keeping suicidal people from jumping doesn't exactly excite the higher ranks of the NYPD. But as is the case in most movies, our main character has done his research.

There are plenty of reasons why I enjoy going to the movies. The popcorn and diet soda not withstanding, I love the emotion that is brought out of you while watching a movie. Whether you are laughing in a comedy, crying in a drama, or screaming from a horror flick, there is emotion in your cinematic experience. Watching Man on a Ledge will not make you think you are seeing a contender for any awards, in fact the acting in this movie is downright bad. Jamie Bell, and Genesis Rodriguez give two of the worst performances in predominant roles that I have seen in some time (the director makes it crystal clear that Rodriguez biggest contribution to this movie is her looks, by showcasing her in her bra and panties for a scene). These two will not be in leading roles anytime soon.

However even with the train wreck given to you by the Screen Actors Guild, the cinematography of Worthington's character hanging over the ledge of a 21st floor hotel room will make your palms sweat. It brings out a suspenseful emotion that the actors couldn't. And for that alone this movie is worth your time.

Man on a Ledge
Directed by: Asger Leth
Written by: Pablo F. Fenjves
Starring: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, and Jamie Bell
My Rating: 3.25 out of 5
Would Gene Pick it?: Yes

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