It's amazing to me that Denzel Washington can play one character, a bad ass veteran, blue collared worker, with a rookie partner and every time he is great.

The youngster playing along side Denzel in this movie is Chris Pine. Not being a "Trekkie" I have never seen Pine in anything. I thought he did a good job, nothing that made me want to cast him as agent Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight but good nonetheless.

During the promotional tour for this movie, I caught Denzel on The Late Show with David Letterman, he mentioned that director Tony Scott did not want to use a green screen with CGI for this movie, and instead used actual explosions and actual train collisions to make it as authentic as possible. This is very evident throughout the film, having a lot of green screened sequences in the movie would have taken away from the action that was felt throughout the theatre.

Two other characters I wanted to quickly touch on, I thought Rosario Dawson did a very good job, I thought it was a good call by her to take a role that doesn't focus on her sex appeal and showcases that she can play a pivotal role.

Also one of my favorite "that guy" actors, Kevin Dunn does a good job playing the corporate leader that nobody seems to like.

Unstoppable is not going to win an Academy Award anytime soon, but it was certainly an entertaining movie that is worth watching. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and might just make your lady friend gasp and cover her mouth a few times.

Directed by: Tony Scott
Written by: Mark Bomback
Starring: Denzel Washingotn, Chris Pine, and Rosario Dawson
My Rating: 4 out of 5
Would Gene Pick it?: Yes

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