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The biggest night in Hollywood is this Sunday with the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. I wanted to do a quick preview of the awards show with some of my predictions. While I haven't seen all of the films that are up for the awards, I have seen most of them. For those of you who were hoping to see my predictions for Sound Mixing, and Foreign Language Film, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I think I'll stick with some of the bigger categories this year. But hey, there is always 2012 to look forward to!

Best Animated Feature
Who Should Win: Toy Story 3
Who Will Win: Toy Story 3

This might be the biggest slam dunk in the history of the Academy Awards. The 3rd installment in one of the most transcendent series of movies of all-time might have been the best of the three. The Toy Story franchise changed animated feature length films in a way that hadn't been done since the days of Walt Disney. My apologies to How To Train Your Dragon, and The Illusionist but you really do not need to jot down any notes for an acceptance speech.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Who Should Win: The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin)
Who Will Win: The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin)

If you have read my review of The Social Network you know about my fascination with Aaron Sorkin's work. His work on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, as well as The West Wing helped set him apart from other great television scribes. His work on The Social Network will be what propels him to become one of the best film writers of my time. He was able to take the story of a group of friends fighting over a website and turn it into a film that represents a generation of people around the world. If that isn't Oscar worthy, I'm not sure what is.

Best Supporting Actress
Who Should Win: Hailee Steinfeld
Who Will Win: Helena Bonham Carter

In my review of True Grit I mentioned that I thought Steinfeld stole the show away from two previous Academy Award winners in Jeff Bridges, and Matt Damon. I stand by my thoughts that if a 14 year old girl and steal the screen from two of the best actors in Hollywood that she probably deserves to win the Academy Award. However I am afraid that the Academy will hand the Oscar to Helena Bonham Carter because her role was more distinguished. She played the wife of the king, which in Hollywood gives you a leg up on the competition.

Best Supporting Actor
Who Should Win: Geoffrey Rush
Who Will Win: Christian Bale

There has been a lot of talk about Colin Firth winning the award for Best Actor (which we will get to momentarily), I still believe that Rush was the best actor on the screen in The King's Speech. His wit and charm was the most enjoyable part of that film for me. This is taking nothing away from the brilliant job done by Christian Bale in The Fighter. He was excellent and the Academy really can not go wrong giving the award to either of these two men for the roles that they played.

Best Actress
Who Should Win: Natalie Portman
Who Will Win: Natalie Portman

I have a confession to make. I didn't see any of the films that these leading ladies are nominated for. I am basing my opinion purely off of what I have read about the role that each lady played. Let's just move on.

Best Actor
Who Should Win: Collin Firth
Who Will Win: Collin Firth

I know I may have sent some mixed signals about what I thought of Firth's portrayal of King George VI, but I do think that he did the best job of any of the actors that are nominated this year. I do believe that the Academy is putting itself in a really awkward spot by having a nominee in one of the most prestigious categories host the show, but hopefully James Franco will be able to get over his loss quickly and move on with the show.

Best Director
Who Should Win: David Fincher
Who Will Win: David Fincher

I'm giving my prediction of who will win to Fincher specifically because I don't think the Academy is going to give The Social Network the Oscar for Best Picture. I obviously love the job that he did on this film, and think he deserves the award but I am still convinced that the Academy is in love with any film that has to do with royalty. Which brings us to the biggie...

Best Picture
Who Should Win: The Social Network
Who Will Win: The King's Speech

Long live the king...

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