4th of July

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Title: 4th of July
Author: James Patterson
Pages: Kindle
My Rating: 3.75 out of 5
My Comments: 4th book in series. It was very good. The trial part of the book reminded me a lot of a classic John Grisham book. Wasn't in love with the ending which is what kept it from getting a "4".

Amazon.com Review (Written by: Kristine Huntley):
After the explosive events of the third entry in the Women's Murder Club series, 3rd Degree (2004), which claimed the life of one of the members, it's understandable that the follow-up might be a bit of a letdown. But only a little. Patterson's characteristic brutal murders and elusive killers are present, keeping the stakes high. Lindsay Boxer, the police lieutenant who brought the club together, is taking some serious heat in this installment. After a car chase goes wrong, Lindsay is forced to shoot two killers after they wound her and her partner. The firefight leaves a 15-year-old girl dead and her 13-year-old brother paralyzed, making way for a police brutality lawsuit. Lindsay hides out in her sister's suburban house, where she hopes to escape the media circus surrounding her trial. But someone has been killing married couples in the upscale community, and the method greatly resembles a case from early in Lindsay's career, one that she was never able to close the book on. Even though the Women's Murder Club itself is consigned to the background, Lindsay's trial and the murders keep the pages turning.

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