Project X

You would think that this is a stressful time of year for me, and I need to go to the movies to watch something that doesn't make me think with the recent string of movies I've been too. Despite the fact that I'm not stressed, I decided to continue my streak of not thinking for 2 hours every Sunday by checking out Project X earlier this morning.

This movie (and by the way... this is the epitome of a movie versus a film) stars Thomas Mann as a high school senior celebrating his birthday with his friends Costa (Oliver Cooper), and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) by throwing the most epic party their high school has ever seen.

When Thomas' parents go out of town to celebrate their anniversary, Costa convinces his friends to take full advantage of having an empty house to try and make an name for themselves. Despite Thomas' worries that nobody will show up, Costa is confident in his abilities to get their classmates to the party. It turns out he is correct, to the tune of nearly 1500 people, a "little person", a dude with a flame thrower, and that guy who dances in the Footloose remake.

As you can imagine things don't exactly go as planned.

If you have taken the two and half minutes to watch the trailer for Project X on YouTube, you can probably save your money and skip going to the theaters. This movie is a minor league version of Superbad, or The Hangover. The plot is non-existent but instead of having actors that you have heard of that keep you entertained throughout the movie, you get to experience two hours of three guys you never even knew existed.

There certainly are some funny parts during the movie, most of which are courtesy of Costa, but the majority of the movie is childish, and just plain unfunny. Throw in the prominent nudity throughout the movie of what are supposed to be 17-year olds and you get an awkward combination. Perhaps my biggest complaint, and one that is never answered during the movie, is how Costa is 18 1/2 years old (as he explains to the police), and yet is still a senior in High School? I have a hard time picturing his character not explaining something that possibly could have happened in Queens, because apparently that is the greatest place on earth.

Do yourself a favor watch the trailer and save the $8 you would have spent at the theaters on this one. If you enjoy the trailer just pop in your DVD of The Hangover, or one of the American Pie movies, the storyline is identical but you will actually enjoy the humor in one of those two classics.

Project X
Directed by: Nima Nourizadeh
Written by: Matt Drake, and Michael Bacall
Starring: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, and Jonathan Daniel Brown
My Rating: 2 out of 5
Would Gene Pick it?: No

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