After fighting the flu for about 10 days (and failing miserably) it felt great to finally be back in the theater this past weekend. A lazy Sunday provided the perfect opportunity to check out the latest romantic comedy, Wanderlust.

Starring Jennifer Aniston, and Paul Rudd, Wanderlust is the story of two city dwellers forced to take a look at making some changes in their lives when George (Rudd) loses his job in New York City. On their way to his brother's in Atlanta the couple decides to make a stop at a rural community where living an alternative lifestyle and free love is the way of life.

After giving working with his brother a shot George and Linda (Aniston) decide that their heart is not in the city, but in the middle of nowhere with their newfound friends.

There is plenty of hilarity as the couple becomes adjusted to their new lifestyle. They quickly find out that there may be some trouble on the horizon for their new friends and begin to help them out only to find out that it might not be the place for them.

Jennifer Aniston does a great job in the quirky, sarcastic role, and Paul Rudd continues to do what he has done for the past few years in Hollywood. He is perfect in his role as George, and only benefits from playing off of veteran actor Alan Alda.

Wanderlust is the perfect way to spend 2 hours, you will be entertained, you won't have to think and you get to laugh at some truly stupid humor. What could be better?

Directed by: David Wain
Written by: David Wain and Ken Marino
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, and Malin Akerman
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Would Gene Pick it?: Yes

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