What is happening?

Things have been a little slow around here recently. This may happen from time to time as there were no movies worth seeing last week. But fear not loyal reader(s), I'm working on a few different things for the upcoming week.

There are a couple of movies on the slate for this weekend, I have been talked into seeing Hereafter, and also am planning on checking out Due Date.

I am also working on a lengthy review of one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The show will surprise you, but I think the review is well worth your time, as is checking out the show. Look for that sometime next week.

I started reading "American Assassin" by Vince Flynn this week and will add our first book review upon completion. I'm not sure if that is something people would have interest in, but I do typically keep a review of all the books that I have read and if it is of interest to anyone would be happy to start adding them to the blog.

As always, feel free to e-mail me any thoughts, or recommendations. The e-mail address is agenepick@gmail.com.

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J Glen said...

I loved the movie Life as we know it. My favorite of the year. You should take your cute wife and check it out :)

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