I wish there was a pill that I could take that would make me forget I watched this movie.

The wife and I decided to make a rare appearance at a Saturday night movie and go see Limitless. The movie is about a man named Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) who becomes addicted to a pill that allows him to access 100% of his brain. While taking this pill Mora is able to write a book in 4 days, teach himself how to play the piano in 3 days, and learn multiple languages while jogging.

Mora decides to take up day trading as a way to make some money while on the wonder-pill. Through his endeavors he is able to meet financial kingpin Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro), and become a key advisor to one of the biggest businessman in the world.

This movie had such great potential. A good cast, and a storyline that no one has tried recently. Unfortunately it was a big swing and miss for director Neil Burger and his crew. The "creative" fast shots of New York City did nothing but make the audience close there eyes as to not get dizzy. There was an extra storyline that made absolutely no sense but yet took up nearly half of the movie. I'm not sure what the writer was thinking with the ending. It was contrary to anything else that had been happening throughout the movie, and the final scene with De Niro and Cooper made me question why Cooper's character would even make an attempt at his new career with his newly acquired pharmaceutical knowledge. There were some nice action scenes during the movie that kept it entertaining, but the storyline was so poor that it made me wonder if two different sets of writers were jotting down notes and combining them at the most random moments in the script?

This Bradley Cooper movie left with a different kind of Hangover. Hopefully that is not a sign of things to come for his year on the big screen.

Directed by: Neil Burger
Written by: Leslie Dixon, and Alan Glynn
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and Abbie Cornish
My Rating: 2 out of 5
Would Gene Pick it?: No

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